Nursery at Hope+Elim

At Hope+Elim, quality nursery care is available during our Sunday and Wednesday services, as well as many other activities throughout the week, for children ages 3 and under (not potty-trained). Space can be limited due to staff and volunteer availability. Parents are always welcome to stay with their child in the nursery. To volunteer in the nursery, please email [email protected]. Childcare is offered for limited classes for children age 7 and younger. To find out if childcare is provided during a specific class or time, please check the class information upon registration.

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What to Know

Checking In
Upon arrival, please have your family check in at our Youth & Family check-in area. Children will receive a name badge with parent/guardian information along with a security badge for checkout.

If your child is sick, please refrain from using the nursery. It is the intent that every child who attends the Hope+Elim nursery is happy and healthy. Sick children pose a risk to other children in the nursery. Please keep your child at home if they have had a fever, vomiting or diarrhea within the past 24 hours, have a runny nose with colored discharge, sore throat, lice or any infection that has not been treated with antibiotics.

We encourage children to arrive at the nursery fed. Age-appropriate snacks, such as cheerios and goldfish are offered upon arrival. Please share all allergies with the nursery attendants.

Upon arrival, please use the name badge that was provided during check-in to label your diaper or diaper bag for ease of use.

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